Month: March 2018

The Week In Rear View, March 30 Edition

Boy, that was a quick one, wasn’t it? Sometimes, I swear, a Week In Rear View feels like it’s only been a Day In Rear View. Anyway, here’s what the rootless cosmopolitans were up to this week. Cuomo says Jews can’t dance: And with that, Andrew Cuomo is your Shmuck of the Week! Continue reading “The

Manicotti, Anyone?: A Kosher for Passover Easter Dinner

Intermarried Jews are used to challenging questions. What about the kids? Will your home have a Christmas tree? Where will you be buried? But when Passover and Easter overlap, a fourth question is added to the mix: How will you negotiate conflicting foodways? I’m a nice Jewish girl partnered with a cultural Catholic of Sicilian

Coming Out, Getting In: Gay Iranian Poet Payam Feili

In just a few hours, Jews around the world will gather together at their Seder tables. They will drink wine, ask questions, search for the Afikoman, and recite the obligation to see themselves as if they personally had come out of Egypt. And that is, really, what the Seder is all about, the telling and

New Passover Songs from Unorthodox

By now, we hope, you’ve checked out our Haggadah, which is downloadable for free right here and is chock-full of provocative questions, sizzling illustrations, and, well, unorthodox contributions from Daphne Merkin, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Negin Farsad, Molly Yeh, and other beloved guest and friends of your favorite podcast. So tonight, as you sit

Why Trump Should Be Thanking Roseanne Bigly

This week, 18.3 million Americans tuned in to network television to watch the reboot of Roseanne. To put those numbers in perspective, it may help to know that more people watched the new Roseanne than watched the final episode of the original show more than twenty years ago, in 1997, when people still watched television,

Photo Of The Day By Henrik Spranz

Photo By Henrik Spranz Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Sunrise for Two” by Henrik Spranz. Location: Istria, Croatia. Spranz describes the image: “Two mating black-veined white butterflies (Aporia crataegi) at sunrise in Istria, Croatia.” See more of Henrik Spranz’s photography at Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including Assignments, Galleries and the OP