Hold the Applause

There are many interpretations of the election of Donald Trump: the resurgence of a frightening old-new form of white racist nationalism that feels perilously like native-born fascism; a rebellion of working-class Americans against PC-obsessed elites; a Russian plot to install a Kremlin stooge in the White House; a revelation of the hollowness and corruption of both major political parties; a patriarchal backlash against female equality; a win for the Twitter trolls; a symptom of the collapse of the mainstream American press; a freakish eruption from the works of HP Lovecraft. Members of Tablet’s editorial collective hold each of these viewpoints, with some of us defending all of them at the same time. Given our staunch commitment to heterodox viewpoints and the state of the country, it seems likely that these disputes will continue to rage.

What is not in dispute is Trump’s abysmal record in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to the security of the State of Israel. This blunt assessment may come as a surprise to people who nastily attempt to conflate “pro-Israel” with “pro-Trump,” or those who may honestly imagine that there is a “tradeoff” between opposing Trump—or supporting Trump—and Israel’s security. It may even come as a surprise to members of AIPAC who will applaud Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he proclaims Donald Trump to be a “great friend” of Israel. Don’t believe a word of it. Donald Trump is bad for Israel.

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