Manicotti, Anyone?: A Kosher for Passover Easter Dinner

Intermarried Jews are used to challenging questions. What about the kids? Will your home have a Christmas tree? Where will you be buried? But when Passover and Easter overlap, a fourth question is added to the mix: How will you negotiate conflicting foodways?

I’m a nice Jewish girl partnered with a cultural Catholic of Sicilian origin. The first time Easter occurred during Passover, my dietary needs and traditions took precedent. We had a lovely roast chicken (kosher, of course), and with the help of Jewish culinary guru Joan Nathan, some very tasty potato kugelettes. My workplace, satisfying in many ways, is less than hospitable to Jews, and my beloved does everything possible to lessen the alienation and calendar travails that often attend Jewish holidays. So chicken and kugel winning out over pasta and red sauce didn’t seem like much of a couple compromise. Eating well is his article of faith, and we certainly did that with a vengeance!

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