From Food Trucks to Untucked Shirts, IDF Goes Full Hipster

Someone in the Israel Defense Forces is taking Napoleon at his word: If the army indeed marches on its stomach, Israel’s tireless defenders are about to march a whole lot better.

According to the Israeli press, the IDF is currently completing a significant overhaul of several of its longest-standing operating procedures governing everything from how soldiers should dress to what they eat, and revolutions are everywhere afoot. Instead of the traditional olive-colored uniform, for example, the IDF may soon be clad in light-toned camouflage, with each soldier wearing a name tag. Also, putting an end to the time-honored practice of folding the hem of one’s pants around a rubber band to ensure orderly appearance, the IDF’s new combat pants will have the rubber bands built in. But the pants are a small break with tradition: Soon, according to the reports, Israeli soldiers will no longer have to tuck their uniform shirts in, as is the standard in most armies around the world, and will wear it untucked instead.

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