Roger Waters Attacks Syria’s White Helmets as ‘Fake’

Who are the bad guys in the Syrian civil war? You can follow observable reality and conclude that the distinction goes to the nation’s genocidal despot, Bashar al-Assad, who has slaughtered nearly half a million of his own people in a prolonged and bloody civil war. Or you can believe Russian propaganda that, in an effort to protect its puppet in Damascus, is promoting a conspiracy theory that the real villains are the White Helmets, the non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing civilians and documenting the war’s ravages. These first responders, claims the Kremlin’s distortion machine, are secretly in the pocket of unnamed terrorists, and they fake the photographic evidence they provide in order to make sweet old Assad look bad.

If you’re wondering who would believe such an idiotic and patently preposterous claim, wonder no more: In a concert Friday night, Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd frontman and obsessive anti-Israel activist, launched into a tirade that sounded every bit like Moscow’s talking points.

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