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Today on Jewcy: Meet Miz Cracker!

Not every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has a Jewish contestant (we’re looking at you, All-Stars Season 3), but there have been plenty. In fact, two self-identifying Jewish queens have taken the crown— Jinkx Monsoon and last season’s Sasha Velour. So with Season 10 upon us, do we have another Semitic contender in the person of one Miz Cracker?

Passover Among the German Metalheads

Springtime each year brings me back to Germany, where I spent two Passovers running a seder in the ancient medieval town of Speyer. The first year, 2008, had gone off without a hitch. My fellow Chabad yeshivah classmate and I had organized a Russian-language Passover seder for the town’s local Jews, most of them from

Egyptian Professor: Jews Committed ‘Counter Holocaust’ Against Germans

Bassam El Shammaa is an Egyptian Egyptologist, notable for his theory that a second Sphinx lays buried beneath the Giza plateau. Knowledgable as he may be on long-lost limestone statues, El Shammaa ran into a little trouble last week when he moved to a a slightly more controversial topic: the Holocaust. El Shammaa appeared on Palestinian Authority

A Day In the Life of a Rescued Fox Named Jack

In a lovely video from 2010, retired engineer Mike Trowler shared how much he cared for a rescued pet fox named Jack, a gentle animal who was quite happy to play a short game of football (soccer) on the front lawn with his human and then get a nice shampoo and blow dry afterwards. The