Koch Dark Money Funds Anti-Israel Darlings

In 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology political scientist Barry Posen learned he had fans in unexpected places. Officials at the Charles Koch Institute, a policy arm of the eponymous industrialist and deep-pocketed libertarian political donor, had read Posen’s recently released Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy. As the title suggests, the book charts

The Week In Rear View, April 20 Edition

Let’s just get it rollin’. No messing around. It’s your Week In Rear View. Chuck Schumer will not rest until you’re stoned: The senator from New York introduced a bill today that would decriminalize marijuana, announced earlier this week in an interview with Vice. Continue reading “The Week In Rear View, April 20 Edition” at… Powered by

Searching for Michael Cohen

My friend, writer Stephanie Dolgoff, has been eradicating my SAD (Schmuck-in-the-White-House Affective Disorder) all week with manic Facebook musings about whether the sweet Michael Cohen she kissed at sleepaway camp in the Poconos in 1979 grew up to become the sour Cheeto’s chief counsel. Equipped with only her memories and a blurry black-and-white picture of a tween boy in

In Ambitious New Play, Scheherazade Tells of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

An ambitious new musical has opened off-Broadway, titled One Thousand Nights and One Day (and, in the spirit of Angels in America playing a few blocks away, wordily subtitled “a postmodern musical fantasia”). A jam packed ninety minutes spans millennia, continents, different versions of reality. The program describes the setting as “mostly a mythological medieval Persia and New York

The Ultimate Question: Do Jews Prefer Aluminum Foil to Ziploc Bags?

Unorthodox, the world’s leading Jewish podcast, takes questions from its listeners about all aspects of Jewish life, from the religiously profound to the utterly inconsequential. Every week, we discuss one of these questions in “Ask Unorthodox.” If you have a question, please send it to unorthodox@tabletmag.com. What to do with leftovers? Turns out it’s as much

In Britain and Poland, Anti-Semitism’s Ugly History Repeats Itself

Violent Islamist attacks on Jews in mainland Europe are causing acute concern. But fanatical religious belief which creates the impulse to murder Jews in the service of God, however appalling and terrifying, is not hard to grasp. What is even more unsettling is that people from the European mainstream, who have gone to great lengths

Capture One Pro 11: The Best Lightroom Alternative?

The asset management, photo editing and workflow tool Capture One Pro started out life as a simple tethered shooting solution for developer Phase One to provide to their medium format camera users but has evolved into a powerhouse for professional photographers. An original RAW image, right out of the camera, is going to require some